Born in Neuquén (Patagonia Argentina), Edith Montiel lived in Buenos Aires where she studied literature, arts and languages.
Her short stories and poems for children, teenagers and adults have received awards at national and international level.
Edith also focuses on the visual arts and her sculptures, made from different types of wood, are displayed in local and national galleries and exhibition centres.
In 2018 she was awarded the ‘Faja de honor’ by SADE (Argentine Society of Writers). In the same year her book series called ‘Tesoros neuquinos’ was declared of ‘Cultural Interest’ by the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture of Neuquen Province and in 2019 by the National Congress.
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el camino del collar

The main characters, now grown up, from the series of books Tesoros neuquinos, get together again. Destiny offers them a chance to face a new quest full of intrigue and adventure.

Their misión is to find a long lost priceless necklace to complete this love-hate story.

Cuentos de Zoe
Tesoros Neuquinos
Tesoros Neuquinos 2
Tesoros Neuquinos 3
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Bodega Malma
SADE 2018
Encuentro literario, 2015
Feria del libro 2016
Feria del libro, 2017
Feria del libro
infantil y juvenil
Premio Faja de Honor, 2018
Fiesta de la Confluencia, 2017
Casa del Neuquén, Bs As - 2012
Sala Alberdi, 2018
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